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Breivik: The Strange Silence of Right-Wing Bloggers by Charles Delalande

The horrific events of last week in Oslo were of course shocking: the raw facts of the carnage, particularly the targeting of children, sickening. But if we are honest, it’s shocking for a second reason: no-one expected it from a right-wing, self-proclaimed Christian conservative. A sad truth of modern life is that we expect these kinds of actions from militant Islam, but not from the radical right. And just as militant Islam has tried to hijack and distort a legitimate debate about how Islam and democracy inter-act, Anders Behring Breivik’s apparent act of mass murder has hijacked a legitimate discussion about how the West can balance its cherished freedoms with the diverse cultures of its multi-ethnic societies.

…Only a couple of months ago, Melanie Phillips was telling us that Western Elites were “dominated by the fellow-travellers of Islamo-fascism and genocidal Judeophobia“. Unsurprisingly she has condemned the massacre utterly. But isn’t a bit strange that someone who describes herself as “defending authentic liberal values against the attempt to destroy western culture from within” had nothing to say on this cataclysm, until goaded into it by a rival blogger? No matter, let’s see what The Spectator has to say, a magazine always ready to enter the debate on issues of terrorism, national security and cultural identity. It can’t be that they’re all on their summer holidays – the blogs are being updated with their usual regularity. No, it’s just that they’re focusing on more important things, such as measuring cuddles.

Whenever there is an act of terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam, it promotes a legitimate discussion about the role of distorted Islamic ideology in radicalising the terrorists. It seems entirely appropriate that mainstream Muslim thinkers are encouraged to speak out against any ideology that might give succour to violent extremism. Difficult questions are sometimes asked about whether moderate Islam can be twisted to give justification for terrorist acts. So, should we not be expecting the same of mainstream conservative thinkers when someone has committed an act of terrorism in the name of Christian cultural conservatism? After all, we in the West cherish free speech and debate. So, come on guys, join in. Surely there’s nothing to hide?

The Spectator has been in contact with us in response to this blog and challenges the author based on the following articles:


Breivik, and Europe’s perennial problem

As the number of victims of terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, and his actions last week in Norway, is revised to 76, more details are emerging of his motivation for the atrocities.

This morning, his lawyer claimed Breivik was insane. This much is obvious.

Breivik, the knight and face of residual European fascism

One of the reasons Breivik’s case is going to be held in closed session, aside for reasons of his own safety, is that, in fact, Breivik has already stated his case.

His manifesto, ‘2083-A European Declaration of Independence‘, contains various sections and articles, one of which is the behaviour of his followers, or Justiciar Knights, when apprehended and arraigned for the acts of terrorism, and the manner in which to address prosecutors and the court:

We, the PCCTS, Knights Templar and the Justiciar Knights of Europe and this country, have dedicated our lives to defend and sacrifice ourselves for the freedom of our people, our culture, Christendom and our nation

The closed session clearly removes the ability for Breivik to further spread his beliefs, and encourage further such terrorist acts by similar minded citizens, especially given his claims of international cells.

Breivik’s actions were apparently motivated by the supposed Islamization of Europe, believing that western governments are promoting Islam, revising history to this effect, and indoctrinating youth, through the Church and educational establishments.

Of course, as usually occurs in nationalist/xenophobic literature, is the distortion of facts, spun into perverted beliefs, usually wrapped up in a completely stupid argument:

A lot of people believe today that Christianity still is and was as evil as Islam?! I can attest to the fact that this is absolutely incorrect. Jihadi motivated killings, torture and enslavement count for more than 10 times as Christian motivated killings. However, the politically correct Western establishments want us to think otherwise

Or, maybe, this little chestnut of nonsense from Breivik’s manifesto:

I believe people need to feel like they’re part of a gang, part of a tribe. And I also believe we need to feel pride in our gang…if you say you are a patriot, men with beards and sandals will come round your house in the night and daub…slogans on your front door

(However, what is surprising is that the last quote didn’t just come from the fascist, murdering terrorist’s document, it also came from a publication much closer to home: The Times, and, a member of the Chippington Norton-set, the middle-aged-man’s-homo-erotic-mid-life-crisis-in-human-form, Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson, in an article titled ‘We’ve been robbed of our Englishness‘. And, I’m sure Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail, didn’t mean for her comments to be quoted so fully. Like Sunny Hundal, I don’t claim that Breivik’s actions were inspired by Phillips, or Clarkson, or Churchill, Gandhi, Orwell, and all the others he quotes.)

What Breivik’s actions demonstrate is that the spectre of nationalism, in all it’s racist, xenophobic, and fascist ‘glory’, is ever-present on the European Continent, and continues to haunt democracy, tolerance and equality. This time, it claimed the lives of 76 people, as though 78 million was not enough.

As if Europe could somehow forget the trouble (‘trouble’, in this context, being an understatement for murder, rape, extermination, genocide etc) that ensues when you support nationalist policies, we see far right xenophobes gaining power in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, France, and, of course, Germany. Only this month, the remains of Rudolf Hess were exhumed and cremated to prevent pilgrimages from Neo Nazi’s.

A disturbing revelation from Breivik also, is of his apparent connections to the English Defence League, though this is denied. Of course.

What is some what comforting, is that our own home-grown racist bigots, of the white and pseudo Christian variety, have neither the deeply dangerous intelligence, nor the funds, to mimic Breivik, and usually are undone by a few pints and a football match.