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What’s left of the Left

On your marks–get set.., GO! The ‘March For The Alternative’ is in full swing. Tens of thousands have descended on London to protest the coalition government’s plans to cut public services.

The intent is to

…give a national voice to all those affected by the cuts…show that people reject the argument that there is no alternative.

In the run up, the long run up, I’ve been bombarded with several tree’s worth of literature from my union, urging me to take part. I haven’t. Because, I’m not sure were my position is. I’m not sure I want to back my union, and the rest of the Trades Union Congress. Because, I’m not entirely sure of their motives.

Don’t get me wrong, I HATE the Tories being in any way, shape, or form, in control of my past, present, or future, and UTTERLY DETEST the Jellied Eels, sorry, Lib Dems.

However, what I also dislike, as does the Chief Medical Officer, is fat people getting fatter; The fat people in this case being public sector workers and, to some extent, union bureaucrats.

I don’t need to catalogue the failures and problems of the Coalition. Their problems are omnipresent. What is annoying me is the hypocrisy of the public sector.

It seems public sector workers have basically dropped a bollock at the thought of their pay being cut, or their pensions being touched.

‘We’re all in this together’ is the phrase that has been most abused since this government came to power, but if I have little in common with the Bullingdon Club, and the cabinet millionaires, I likewise have little in common with the public sector, and, in fact, the cause of the TUC.

Today’s march will no more achieve its goals than the marchers did before the Iraq War (though, it was an exciting day out, but did spoil my trip up to Trafalgar Square).

However, what I do agree with, wholly support, and wish I was there to participate in, is the actions of UKUncut.

As I’m writing, the group, formed in October 2010, is currently occupying Fortnum & Mason’s.

We are going to have to endure a period where there is not going to be much money floating, but we must ensure that what is there, is spent correctly, and money that should be there, just like Fortnum’s £10million, Vodaphone’s £6billion, Tesco’s £90million, is collected