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Well, George ‘Porgey’ Osborne, has delivered his second Budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer; the second of the Coalition Government.

There doesn’t seem to be any highlights, which was to be expected, I suppose, during these apparent times of austerity. Austerity being relative, of course.

What I did want to point out amongst all of this bluster (and there will be bluster, but, not here as there’s a chance I may develop Carpal Tunnel syndrome if I were to list the issues arising from this new ingredient in the soup of nonsense), is something we should all bear in mind…the people making all of these decisions are not all, as good ol’ Porgey puts it, in this together.

Let’s remember that 23 of the 29 members of the Con Dem government are millionaires, with Lord Strathclyde (£10million) topping the list. Two have made their fortunes from direct involvement in the banks (one of them ACTUALLY with RBS),  four made it from their City investments, and three married wealthy heiresses (heiress being the operative word for daughters of Baronets). And, just to throw this into the mix, David Cameron and his wife are descendents of Royalty…not it that makes a difference to talent, and hard work of course…)