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I’ve got the key, I’ve got the secret…Shamir’s that is.

From ‘Legit News’:

Seven People Hold Keys to ‘Restart’ the Internet

In the event of a security breach – such as a terrorist attack – seven individuals now hold keys to the internet that may needed to get it running again. All seven of the key holders are spread around the world and five of the individuals are be required to travel to a secure location in the United States in order to get it the web back functioning if it goes down. From this month on, the internet will become more secure through a new international agreement and process which verifies web sites and helps protect email accounts from fraud, using high tech cryptographic keys. DNSSEC (domain name system security) as it is called is a new online security system that ensures people reach a genuine website, rather than a look-alike pirate site.


The man on the moon may have had a neighbour

The Guardian reported today that scientist at the University of California claim there may have been two moons, which orbited the Earth together, until a collision splattered one of them across the other. Interesting…

Hundal vs Phillips

The latest round in the war of words between the Daily Mail’s commentator Melanie Phillips and the Liberal Conspiracy’s editor Sunny Hundal:


Rather more serious, however, is his distortion of something else that I wrote. He quotes this from a Spectator blog post that I wrote about the murder of the Israeli Fogel family in the West Bank, a terrorist atrocity in which even the throats of the children and a baby were cut:

The moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media…

Hundal remarks:

And she says she makes a distinction between violent and non-violent Muslims…Hmmm, really?

His implication is that I was accusing all Arabs of being morally depraved. But of course I was not…

…And thus he merely draws further attention to his weird obsession with me (check it out for yourself on Google) which is now driving him ever deeper into that hole he has dug.


I also do find it amusing that Melanie Phillips accuses me of ‘obsession’ given I have blogged on her a few times… compared to the thousands of articles she has written just about Muslims. What would that be called?

Proper Lol’s.

Storm troopers, killer algae, the return of the wolf and some other tasty morsels

This week’s news and general going’s on may have been overshadowed by Hackgate, the US financial crisis, and Libyans leaving London, but, here’s a few stories that caught our eye:


Joe Pesci, Oscar-winning actor famous for his roles in Goodfella’s, Home Alone etc., is suing Gotti film makers Fiore Films, after gaining 30lbs for a role as a gangster lead, and for $3million, only to be given another role, with a smaller fee of $1million, and a small to no reason for gaining weight.


Designer Andrew Ainsworth, the man behind the Storm Trooper of Star Wars fame, has been selling replicas of the classic sci-fi chic, much to the chagrin of Master George (Lucas) and Lucasfilm, who claim he doesn’t own the intellectual property, and so couldn’t sell the galactic armour. However, thanks to the UK’s Supreme Court, the design is now in the public domain, and Mr. Ainsworth won the case. The courts, and, indeed, an incredible mark up price, is strong with the little man.


The remains of over 30 wild Boars have been turning up on the Brittany coastline, just as the French holiday season gets underway, raising fears that toxic algae may be the cause, prompting mass clean ups. As if to make things worse, it appears that local farmers may be to blame, as high concentrations of nitrates have been found, implicating farming fertilizers. When the algae is washed ashore, and dries, it becomes dangerous,  if disturbed, say by feeding boar, or walking human, by the realise of gases. It is reported that fours years ago, similar events felled a horse rider and his mount, though without fatal results.


The numbers of wild wolves is increasing across Europe, prompting calls for culls to check the increase. Maintaining the historic threat of the canine to livestock, the French government authorised the hunting and killing of a single wolf, after it drove 62 ewes into a ravine, killing them. Wolf predation in Britain ended in the 18th century, and, save for the peculiar ideas of a Dutch landowner in Scotland, looks unlikely to return to these shores.


US government wildlife biologist Charles Monnett, noted for his research into the effects of climate change on Arctic ice levels, and the results on polar bear population, has been suspended from his role for possible ‘scientific misconduct’. It’s claimed that the US government is thinking of opening up areas for drilling,  and potential contractors have been less than happy about environmental research delays. A petition has begun, Monnett remains under a gagging instruction, and government officials maintain that Monnett’s research and ‘inconvenient truths’ (ie. polar bear cubs dying from exhaustion swimming from melting ice floats  amongst a few) are not the reason for his suspension.

Rebekah Brooks “Friday” (Rebecca Black Parody)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The Spectator

From their Coffee House blog:

A leading left-wing British blogger decided that the real story of the Norway tragedy was that in his bizarre online manifesto, Breivik had quoted from articles by Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail and Jeremy Clarkson in the Sunday Times. As with the Giffords aftermath, it was insinuated (and more) that conservative columnists are not merely people the left disagree with, but active facilitators of murder.

…not quite, just active facilitators of intolerance, in all it’s forms.

Huffpo UK’s post, Douglas Murray free

Breivik: The Strange Silence of Right-Wing Bloggers by Charles Delalande

The horrific events of last week in Oslo were of course shocking: the raw facts of the carnage, particularly the targeting of children, sickening. But if we are honest, it’s shocking for a second reason: no-one expected it from a right-wing, self-proclaimed Christian conservative. A sad truth of modern life is that we expect these kinds of actions from militant Islam, but not from the radical right. And just as militant Islam has tried to hijack and distort a legitimate debate about how Islam and democracy inter-act, Anders Behring Breivik’s apparent act of mass murder has hijacked a legitimate discussion about how the West can balance its cherished freedoms with the diverse cultures of its multi-ethnic societies.

…Only a couple of months ago, Melanie Phillips was telling us that Western Elites were “dominated by the fellow-travellers of Islamo-fascism and genocidal Judeophobia“. Unsurprisingly she has condemned the massacre utterly. But isn’t a bit strange that someone who describes herself as “defending authentic liberal values against the attempt to destroy western culture from within” had nothing to say on this cataclysm, until goaded into it by a rival blogger? No matter, let’s see what The Spectator has to say, a magazine always ready to enter the debate on issues of terrorism, national security and cultural identity. It can’t be that they’re all on their summer holidays – the blogs are being updated with their usual regularity. No, it’s just that they’re focusing on more important things, such as measuring cuddles.

Whenever there is an act of terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam, it promotes a legitimate discussion about the role of distorted Islamic ideology in radicalising the terrorists. It seems entirely appropriate that mainstream Muslim thinkers are encouraged to speak out against any ideology that might give succour to violent extremism. Difficult questions are sometimes asked about whether moderate Islam can be twisted to give justification for terrorist acts. So, should we not be expecting the same of mainstream conservative thinkers when someone has committed an act of terrorism in the name of Christian cultural conservatism? After all, we in the West cherish free speech and debate. So, come on guys, join in. Surely there’s nothing to hide?

The Spectator has been in contact with us in response to this blog and challenges the author based on the following articles:

What do you call a gun with smoke coming out of it? Answer: The fall of Piers Morgan

With it being reported on twitter and on that Westminster watcher Paul Staines a.k.a Guido Fawkes, has a recording of Piers ‘The Gormless Anchor’ Morgan authorising the payment to a third-party for hacked voicemail information, despite his protests to the contrary, it appears that the CNN host is about to be in deep and very hot water.

This, at a time when the Mirror Group is denying any involvement in phone hacking, its shares falling, and the likelihood that the paper will follow the News of the World as the newest addition to the tabloid bin, should it be proven that journo’s did have anything to do with dodgy information gathering, and the lack of Murdochian pay-off funds.

He’s alive!!!

So, Johann Hari is actually alive, tweeting

The Independent has asked me not to make any public comment until its inquiry has reported in September.

At 18.16.


From The Jewish Chronicle

Controversial right-wing pundit Glenn Beck has compared the victims of the Norway massacre to members of the Hitler Youth in the 1920s and 1930s.

Mr Beck, who last year was criticised for suggesting Holocaust survivor George Soros collaborated with the Nazis, made the comments on his popular radio programme.

He noted that the attacker had targeted young and engaged members of the Norwegian Labour party as they attended an annual summer retreat.

“It sounds a little like the Hitler Youth,” he said. “I mean who sends their kids to a political camp?”.

At its peak, the Hitler Youth had some eight million members. Established in 1922, it served as a training point for young Germans, who were taught ideas of Aryan supremacy at weekly meetings, larger rallies and schools set up for the purpose.

Although many joined voluntarily, it remains a subject of debate as to how many were conscripted against their wishes.

Pope Benedict, who was 12 when the Second World War began, was technically a member, but always denied that he chose to join it.

Mr Beck’s comments were criticised as “a new low” by Torbjorn Eriksen, a former spokesman for Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

By Melanie Phillips

On her blog, July 25

A concerned reader has sent me a post by Sunny Hundal on the Liberal Conspiracy blog.  Hundal brings us what he clearly considers to be the most important news about the Norwegian atrocity. This is that, in the ‘manifesto’ reportedly published by the terrorist suspect Anders Behring Breivik, two of my articles are quoted.

Golly. Is Hundal suggesting that my writing provoked the mass murder of some 93 Norwegians?  Doubtless with one eye on the law of libel, he piously avers:

…there is no suggestion that his actions were inspired by Melanie Phillips, nor am I making that claim.

Yet apart from a glancing reference to Jeremy Clarkson, whose remark about the flag of St George is also cited in this ‘manifesto’, I am the only person to whom Hundal refers to in this blog post, quoting at some length both my article and Breivik’s comments on it. He therefore gives the impression that I play a major role in this supposed ‘manifesto’, which he describes as warning of the ‘Islamic colonisation of western Europe’.

But in fact, there are only two references to me or my work in its 1500 pages. Those references are to two articles by me published in the Daily Mail, a mainstream British paper — one on mass fatherlessness in Britain, and the other on the revelation by a former civil servant of a covert Labour government policy of mass immigration into Britain. There is no reference whatever to my writing on Islamisation.

Not only that, Breivik name-checks a vast number of mainstream writers and thinkers, including Bernard Lewis, Roger Scruton, Ibn Warraq, Mark Steyn, Theodore Dalrymple, Daniel Hannan, Diana West, Lars Hedegaard, Frank Field, Nicolas Soames, Keith Windschuttle, Edmund Burke, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Hayek, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Ghandi, George Orwell and many others; indeed, it’s a roll call of western thinking and beyond, past and present.

So why doesn’t Hundal refer to any of these people who have also been thus name-checked? Why has he singled me out in this way? It looks like yet another crude attempt to smear me by a writer who has long displayed an unhealthy obsession with my work (see here andhere  and here for example).

The supposed beliefs of the Norway massacre’s perpetrator has got the left in general wetting itself in delirium at this apparently heaven-sent opportunity to take down those who fight for life, liberty and western civilisation against those who would destroy it. On Twitter and the net and in the liberal media, the forces of spite, malice and venom have been unleashed in a terrifying display of irrationality.

After all, we don’t even know yet whether Breivik acted alone. We don’t know whether this ‘manifesto’ was indeed written by him or indeed what it is: as Mark Steyn observes here, it reads like as weird kind of cut-and-paste job. If it is indeed the work of a psychopath, it doesn’t bear examination for a single minute.  And yet the words of a deranged individual are being cited by people like Hundal who are taking them entirely seriously. Since when did people ever use the ravings of a madman in public debate? As Steyn writes:

…when a Norwegian man is citing Locke and Burke as a prelude to gunning down dozens of Norwegian teenagers, he is lost in his own psychoses. Free societies can survive the occasional Breivik. If Norway responds to this as the left appears to wish, by shriveling even further the bounds of public discourse, freedom will have a tougher time.

Already, through the selective and distorted use of this document and the amplification of such malevolence through Twitter and the net, a blood-lust is building. Thus I am receiving emails such as one from Carsten T Holst-Lyngaard who says:

I congratulate you on your part in the Norway massacre;

or this from Taper Collins:

blood on your hands. hope you’re happy with the effects of your anti-everyone vitriol. abhorrent.

Breivik may be one unhinged psychopath – but what is now erupting as a result of the Norway atrocity is the frenzy of a western culture that has lost its mind.

By Flying Rodent

On Liberal Conspiracy, July 26, 9:02 am

Melanie Phillips and the gaggle of paranoids that make up the internet’s nutty ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement are loudly insisting that they don’t advocate acts of violence or terrorism.

For now, let’s assume that’s true and move on from there.

What, exactly, do they imagine it is that they are advocating?

I ask because the message they’ve been sending out loud and clear is that Europe is under threat of imminent enslavement, and quite possibly genocide, at the hands of a sinister cabal of Marxist fifth-columnists in cahoots with one of our largest ethnic minority groups, the latter of which they portray as irrevocably violent and totalitarian.

Unsurprisingly, they’re stridently in favour of “resisting” this theoretical dictatorship.

That being the case, what kind of “resistance” do they expect the urgent threat of Nazi-Commie-Jihadist European domination to inspire in their readership? A sudden upsurge in the creation of idiot blogs?

It isn’t good enough to pimp this fearmongering lunacy then disown the crazy actions of your ideological stablemates.

If your message amounts to this:
“I’m not saying that we need to take up arms in extreme violence against our compatriots or viciously repress our nations’ ethnic minorities.  I’m just saying that inaction will inevitably lead to the total destruction of the western way of life and the enslavement of our loved ones at the hands of a foreign invader whose motivations are entirely alien and malign.  But I’m definitely not urging violence in the face of certain genocide”.

…What is it that you want your readers to take away from your work?

There are plenty of calls for calm around, with reasonable people counselling against linking one man’s horrific crimes to the deranged views he espouses, those being a half-baked political analysis that has been festering on the internet and even in the pages of the mainstream right wing press such as the Mail and the Spectator for years.

I disagree. I think that now, more than ever, fingers need to be pointed squarely at those who have been disseminating this poisonous cack, and searching questions need to be asked.

First up – What the fuck did you think you were doing?